I'm working on a couple of Jawa costumes for my son and baby brother to wear at the upcoming AdventureCon in Tennessee. To add that extra umph of realism, I decided to make a Jawa voice module. The total cost for the project is around $20 and is easy to make with parts from RadioShack.

Step 1: First, Go to RadioShack and Get All the Parts You Need

Here are the parts you'll need:

9V Recording Module - RadioShack catalogue number 276-1323 : $10.99

1/8" Mono Phone Plug - RadioShack catalogue number 274-0286 : $2.99 (pack of 2)

Enercell 9V Alkaline Battery - RadioShack catalogue number 230-0853 : $4.49

Also, you'll need a soldering gun and very thin solder.
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