Star Wars Lightsaber Pretzels


Introduction: Star Wars Lightsaber Pretzels

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These are incredibly easy to make and fun to play with/eat :) haha

All you need it 2 ingrediants:

- Pretzel Rods

-Candy Melts (Black ones for the handle/Color of choice for lightsaber)

Melt your candy melts in the fires of Mustafar like that traitor Obi-wan did to my Grandfather. Or just put them in the microwave and melt them 30 secs at a time until completely melted

Coat Pretzel rods with candy melts. Use spoon to spread candy melts on. Leave a bit at the end for the lightsaber handle. Put pretzels on the wax paper and let it dry for 15 minutes or so

Dip the end of pretzels into black candy melts.

You can do the Kylo Ren lightsaber by creating a red lightsaber then for the crossguard part cut the ends of another pretzel. Dipping it in red candy melts. Let it dry then dip the end in black candy melts and attach it to your red lightsaber



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    Wow! Love the video! Especially Theban solo thing!