Star Wars Macarons





Introduction: Star Wars Macarons

Celebrating May the Fourth in confectionery style!  They are hand-piped French Macarons of Darth Vader and his loyal Stormtroopers.

Here are some pointers: You want to act quickly because your macaron batter is with raw egg, so you don't want to take all day to do your own custom shapes. For dividing the batter into colors - you first have to make sure that your dry ingredients are fully incorporated, but JUST BARELY.  Then divide and mix colors because you can't over beat the mix and flatten your meringue.  That would be bad!  :)  Then pipe away - do what shapes your heart wants to see or eat!  Don't be scared.  As long as you've made the meringue correctly - you should see feet on your macarons and the shell should succumb to osmosis once filled - creating the ever-sought-out French Macaron.  :) Of course, this is my first time doing shapes, so I'm no pro at it.  But with satisfactory result - I'd say that I'm willing to try again when inspiration hits.

Inside look on the process: it's similar to wet-on-wet with sugar cookie decorating. But it's relatively new - so I don't think this art even has a name yet.



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    I've always heard that you should "Join the dark side, they have cookies". I didn't really believe it though , Seeing that they're consumed by evil and all. But I guess I was wrong about those guys. What a scruffy looking nerf herder I have been.

    I'm with u on that, especially since people have shirts that say 'now that you're o'n the dark side, are you surprised we don't have cookies?' Does that mean you can trust the with now? My galaxy view might have to change!

    Very cool. Pulling post at the snack table.

    Those are awesome! 5 stars!!!

    I can't believe you drew these out freehand :) What did you use for the detail - royal frosting?

    no, its all the macaron batter :)

    Very nice! I really, really need to make macarons, but they scare me.

    Amazing!!! and looks delicious!!! :-)

    thank you! :D they have cream cheese icing for filling. i just wanted to try out the shape-thing and I'm excited that it kinda worked!