Picture of Star Wars Maquette Stand
I was given a 1/6th scale model of the Star Wars character "Commander Gree" which came with it's own stand as shown.  In case you are wondering... Commander Gree is the guy who has the task of killing Yoda when Order 66 is issued.   If you are still not sure who he is, just watch Episode III.

However, as nice as the figure is detailed, I thought the stand was a little too cheesy looking for my home theatre room.  So... I decided to build a LED lighted stand to set him off a bit so he stands out while watching my favorite Star Wars episode.

This project blends stained glass techniques and basic LED wiring.

Here is what you need:
A shadow box from Hobby Lobby 8 x 10"  - Cost $15 USD   Or make your own.

Stained Glass System:
Colored Glass approx 8" x 10" - I picked a swampy green art glass.
Glass cutter with cutting oil
Gloves - are a good idea if inexperienced in glass cutting.
Glass grinder or glass file
Copper foil
Soldering Flux
Black Patina solution

LED system:
Green, Blue & White LEDs  4 pin High Intesity type from Radio Shack $ 2.49 each.
Toggle Switch
Resistors - 250 Ohm
Power supply - 12 vdc from 120 VAC  taken from a old phone recorder

1/2" Plywood base approx 8 x 10" 
Hot melt Glue Gun & Glue.
Stranded electrical wire
Solder & Soldering Gun
Paint for base  - ie. silver spray can, Model paints, airbrush system

Let's get started...