Ornithopter: (n) A machine designed to achieve flight by means of flapping wings.


       This instruction will show you how to fashion an ornithopter that depicts the fight between an X-Wing and a TIE Fighter. As you see in the photo, the two spacecrafts are built into a single ornithopter. The X-Wing's change of wing shape contributes to the flapping of the wings, where as the TIE Fighter is used as a horizontal & vertical stabilizer. 

       I didn't mean to be so chatty with the instructions but I figured that would help some makers more than just a photo set with one liners. Click through the steps to find out how you can make your own! And don't forget to vote for this Instructables! 

Step 1: Materials & Maybe a Warmup

       Before we start building for the empire, I want to introduce to you a simpler project (Fig. 1) that inspired me to build this Star Wars ornithopter. MAKEzine has a great PDF file of an ornithopter project that will take maybe half a day to build. I actually recommend you try this out first to treat it as a "warmup" project before jumping into the Star Wars ornithopter and be surprised by a weak joint or a faulty wire job. Playing with the simpler ornithopter will get you understanding the key points of the build. I'll be pointing them out through out this Instructables but it's always fun to build, right? So check this out when you have the time: http://cdn.makezine.com/make/ornithopter.pdf

     Materials you'll need:
- 3/16 square balsa stick cut into 
        A) two 16" length (wings)
        B) two 5" length (body)
        C) two 1.5" length (pillars)
        D) two 2" length (the "arms")
        E) one 3/8" length (just a spacer for the engine)
- music wire cut into
        I  ) one 4" length (drive shaft)
        II ) one 4" length (main pivot)
        III) one 1.5" length (secondary pivot)
        IV) one 7" length (tail connector)
- printing paper (think double A) 
- rubber band (I used 5~7 but they were small so.. give them a try)
- metal tubing / beads / or anything to use as spacers for the wire
- some heavier paper (got mine from an old calender pages)
- blank plastic bag

      Tools you'll need:
- nose pliers / or anything to bend your wires
- box cuter / crafting knife / scissors
- tape (thinner tapes will be easier to use, so leave your duct tapes be)
- super glue / krazy glue / you know what I'm talking about

      Other things I've used but forgot to include in the picture:
- some means of drilling a hole (screwdriver / nail / sheer strength)
- 4 Q-tips
- markers / pens / color pencils for the paint job
- hands
<p>lol this looks great</p>
Awesome. love the idea of the chasing fighter as the tail piece.
<p>Could an rc version be possible</p>
<p>Any video yet?</p>
no uda jester lol
Now THIS is an instructable! Cool project, flavorful text, and well documented. Can't wait to check out the video!
What an excellent work!
Hey early birds, the Author here! <br>I wanted to take a video of it flying OUTDOORS instead of my cramp house, but the weather hasn't been helping lately. I'm expecting some clear weather in a day or two, so I'll update on that ASAP! <br>Don't worry, I'm dying for a video as well!
Absolutely awesome, any chance to see a video of it in action?
Lovely nerdy take on an ornithopter :)
<strong>O M G !</strong> <br> <br>Any chance of seeing it fly?

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