Star Wars Rogue Squadron X-Wing Costume




Introduction: Star Wars Rogue Squadron X-Wing Costume

Hello Fellow Instructables Members!

I created this costume over the course of 2011.  It is an X-Wing from Star Wars.  My friend and I designed it, and I built it.      The total cost was about $120.00.

    The original plan was to make it simply a costume i could mount on the frame of a hiking backpack.  I decided to add in the option of placing it on my bike in order to take of some of the weight.  I had a bit of an issue with the front wheel though.   I can only make it balance when i am strapped into the backpack and sitting on the seat.  I should have thought this one through a little more clearly.  It would seem not everything in life can be "Winged."

    The backpack mount is set just where R2-D2 would be.  I used my Dremel and cut a hole out a of a salad bowl.  It is not in the picture due to issues I had with wind conditions at the time and balance.  I'll upload pictures soon.  And yes, you can see out of the cockpit.  Seeing in, well, that's another story.


~ PVC pipe
~ Spray Paint
~ Hiking Backpack Frame
~ Insulation Foam
~ Red Hot Blue Glue
~ Glue Gun

Wingspan: 10'
Length: 14'

Any Questions, please feel free to message me :D

Before I put the covering on it here is a test I did:

(More images as well as directions will come soon.  I apologize for the poor quality of the picture.  I used my cell phone.)



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