Star Wars Speeder From Power Wheels





Introduction: Star Wars Speeder From Power Wheels

Hi all,
    This is my first instructable. I had an idea when my son(age 5) and I where watching ROTJ and he asked for a speeder bike. I informed them that they are not real. A little frown stuck in the back of my mind for a little while. When he was viewing the film yet again I happened to be browsing Craigslist with the power wheels atv on my screen as I looked up to the movie  and down to my table during this 40+ viewing of ROTJ. It came to me that the main shapes of both objects are almost the same. To put it short " If I chop off the front end then its about the same.

Step 1: What You Need

Power wheels atv
1/2 pvc with elbows and glue
Plastic spray paint
one sheet plywood

Step 2: Take It Apart

Keep track if what you will and won't  need. I put all my screws in sandwich bags. All I needed was a Phillips-head screw driver.

Step 3: Body Work

Strip off all stickers from body and saw off the two front fenders. I smoothed off the edges with a sanding disk. With a hole saw I punched two holes in the front below the handle bars. This allowed me to put pvc inside the body and secure it with screws and Alex plus clear. After it was set I painted it brown. I freehand drew the shapes for the front end using some pictures for a guide. Then I Tripled the size for visual impact. I used the same brown paint for both body and airfoils.

Step 4: Some More Painting

The lower half can be painted flat black in order to give the speeder that floating look. Don't forget to spray the hubcap area and tape your wires.

Step 5: Put Together and Enjoy

Put it together. It was a two day project because of the time needed to let the paint dry. This is a great project to go into as much detail as you want. you can add control and all the lights you want. I am installing a few more items but he is enjoying it as is. Can't find a child size scout trooper costume but I am sure other options will present themselves.



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    did you have any issues with the extra weight? looking to make a similar project for my nephiew tie fighter / mini moto lol but worries about adding too much weight

    It added only 10 pounds at most, I trimmed off most of the atv body.

    Not really it only added 10 pounds at most. Those motors have lots of power. I used the 12v.

    can u make 1 on a larger scale 2 fit someone 10-15 years of age?

    It would be great but way more complicated. I just cut away the outer layer in places for this project.