In continuation with my recycling mode, here the last born product.

Even if the hard drives parts will never be the same, here some indications:

_ you will need at least 5 hard drives.
_for best results, soldering is the best choice, but a hot glue gun would make the job.

The idea was to mahe a Walker like robot, the head pars were hot glued, I used the HDD screws to connect the legs.

I also made a simple acrylic stand, 'cause the legs are free I can position the Walker wherever I want.

Hope this will help!
<p>instructables.. so where are the instructions? </p>
<p>How many HDD did you use???</p>
<p>wow, I really like this steam punk genre robot !</p>
It reminds me of the robot from robocop
<p>That thing is pretty awesome! Kinda steampunk :)</p>
<p>No, not really. Star Wars was around LONG before &quot;Steampunk.&quot;</p>
I would have loved that it walked! But no, it's just a sculpture: however the legs move freely. I'll update with more pics (and more explanation)!

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