Star Wars "A New Hope" Movie in Windows XP





Introduction: Star Wars "A New Hope" Movie in Windows XP

You can actavate this cool star wars movie in windows XP

Step 1: Step 1

click start and then go to run and type in "telnet" with out the dot things....Windows prompt should come up like the pictures

Step 2: Step 2

dont do anything but type in a simple "o" with out the quotes

Step 3: Step 3

Now after you click will see type in "" without the quotes.

Step 4: You Are Now Done!!!

Now sit back and maybe get some soda and popcorn and watch Star wars " A new hope" I hope you have enjoyed my instructable....if you have any questions, plz comment...thx! P.S (today is my Birthday!!! 1/15) ok....some people have said that this has aedy been I will leave this up here but this message.



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    does anyone know any other games or movies for telnet i would appreciate it.

    is it the full movie?

    This is so cool!

    to run this in Vista you have to enable the telnet client. Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features on the left side of the window, hit Turn windows features on or off. from there, go down the list and select Telnet CLIENT ( not server) let it load it, and now it is enabled. Vista has telnet disabled by default because it is a security risk and vista's main focus was always SECURITY. though i would bring that up :P

    Haha sweet my Instructables are being advertised by people :P Who ever thinks that this can only be viewed on Windows XP is either lacking in intelligence or is just a computer nubcake :)

    can someone please tell me how to do this in windows vista?

    run this command: "telnet" (without the quotes) and to the people who say it only works on xp - not only have I done this on my vista pc perfectly, it even works on the terminal emulator on my hacked ipod touch!

    oh and you can just do that in cmd, no need to run telnet. the reason this doesnt work as well in vista is because by default telnet is not activated, and you need to do something to activate it. but if you use the telnet command in cmd it works without any changes necessary.


    You cant do this on vista. Thats y I said XP