Picture of Star wars gun made of paper
This is a gun from star wars and I'm not sure what it's called. I have the picture here, so if you can tell me please do.
It took me like an hour to make, and cost me nothing.
Meowbark71 year ago
It's an E-11 blaster rifle used by imperial troopers (or stormtroopers). :)
vroom...vroom... (author)  Meowbark71 year ago
This was posted over a year ago.. wow. And thanks for telling me.
vroom...vroom... (author)  ralphkidsguns2 years ago
I don't know how to really describe how to make it. Plus I don't even know where it is.
iproberry13 years ago
looks cool!
vroom...vroom... (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Thanks, but my dog ripped it up yesterday. Then I made a model of ham solos gun and it got ripped up too. So I built another one and will probably post it.
vroom...vroom... (author) 3 years ago
Han solo. That's what I ment.