This is a star wars pistol. It was free and took half an hour to make.
<p>what is it made out of? can you please make a tutorial. Cause it's awesome!</p>
<p>paper, printer paper</p>
<p>Is this the one Han Solo uses?</p>
<p>I say yes</p>
<p>epic. I'm going to make a rifle like this</p>
<p>could you made one from wood?</p>
Love it. Finished project.
You should show instructions. Great work. The last message was a typo
You should instruction. Great work!
How did you make it?
with paper... pen... and scissors
Maby you could use some fiberglass resin and spray paint?
I would if I had some money.
maby you could put some by because this is epic!
Come again?
What did you mean when you said &quot; maby you could put some by because this is epic.&quot;
I meant you could save some money to improve your gun. <br>the resin would make the gun less flimsy is all. <br>If one of my raygun props were damaged I would be heart-broken <br>It was just advice.
My dog has chewed up like two already. <br>It's okay though, I can make more.
Well, I made a cylander, then cut it in half at an angle. That was the handle. Then I made a rectangular cube and I put the handle on that. To make the trigger I took a peice of paper and rolled it up really tighly, then flattened it, cut it to size, then did the same with the guard. to make the barrel I rolled up a piece of paper tightly, and placed on top of what I already had. Then I made smaller cube, cut a small peice off, and cut that in half. tThen I took the other half of the cylander and evened it out, then placed it on the two small cubes, then placed that onthe rest of the gun. And that made the scope.
And this is the stuff I use.
Yes, how? It looks awesome

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