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Introduction: Starbucks Lotion Despenser

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This gives you a good way to make Starbucks scented lotion. FYI- this is stollen so if you see this I give you cred!

Step 1: What You Need-

- Starbucks cup (empty) - lotion pump - lotion (any kind) -coffee oil

Step 2: Fill It

Fill the Starbucks cup with WHITE lotion. Why white? You will usually want a coffee color.

Step 3: Put It In!

Pour in a teaspoon or two of coffee oil or just coffee... I mean it wont affect your skin badly.

Step 4: MIX!

Put this in a bowl and mix until lightly brown. DONT EAT

Step 5: Almost Done!

Put what you mixed BACK in CUP and stick pumper into straw whole.

Step 6: Your Done!

I hope you enjoyed! If you used real coffee this wont last long :/ but thats why I recommend the oil! Follow comment and like!



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