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Introduction: Starbucks Lotion Dispenser & Coffee Lotion

Hi everyone ! I'm Hannah, and I made this awesome and super cheap lotion dispenser out of an iced Starbucks cup  - and then I made some coffee lotion to put in it. I'm not too crafty so I'm pretty proud of how well this came out.

All you need is an iced coffee cup, lotion pump, plain lotion, and coffee. Scissors help.

The whole project was so insanely easy that it took me less than five minutes to make everything - and then I drank a delicious coffee to celebrate :)

It inspired me to launch Cup Zombie - a virtual heaven for coffee cups that would have been trash.
Check it out and participate with me :)?

Thanks so much!



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    Not sure if it will shorten the expired date of a lotion when you mix it with coffee but i just like the idea.

    Zozzen - I was wondering about that one too...... hmmmmmmmmm...... making this with coffee scented oil would probably be a better bet for gift giving :)

    Wow! Thank you so much for making my day, Scoochmaroo :) I

    This is super cute! I am totally going to make this!

    Cool! I have a few questions. How much coffee did you add to the lotion (it looks like about 1/4 cup)? Did you make it extra strong? Did the final product have a coffee smell?

    Hi EaglesNest!

    I added 1/4 a cup - but it made it a littttttle bit too watery for me so I would suggest starting with a smaller amount and adding as you go!

    The coffee scent - at first it wasn't that strong and I was kinda sad , but the next morning it was perfect - not overbearing but totally smelled like coffee. I was very, very happy. :) I also just posted this - I think it's a great little gift set to make for folks :)

    Thanks for reading :)