Starburst Pins




Introduction: Starburst Pins

These colorful starbursts will make a huge statement, especially when you pin them on your shirt!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make them....

  • craft sticks (I bought a pack of craft sticks for $0.50; it has 6 of them, so this would make about 2 pins)

  • glue gun

  • large dark colored buttons

  • small bright colored buttons

  • pin backs

Step 2: Make Snowflakes

First, glue 3 sticks on top of each to make a snowflake shape.

Step 3: Add Buttons

Then, glue a small button on top of a large button. Then, glue those to the center of your snowflake shapes.

Step 4: Add Pin Back

Finish off with a pin to the back, and they're done!

Step 5: Ready to Wear!

Now, it's ready to show off in true colorful fashion! Fun gift idea and unique fashion accessory, this adds a whimsical pop of color to any wardrobe! Also makes for a great pin to wear to a nightclub!



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