Picture of Starburst Pot Holder
Several years ago I helped make these starburst pot holders to raise money for our County Extention Club. It's almost like fabric origami. They are made out of scrap fabrics. The lady who was in charge of making these passed away several years ago and I wanted to try and figure out if I could make one from memory. Well, it took some doing but I finally got it done! 

The first one you make will be complicated because of all the folding but if you refer to the pictures hopefully it will make sense.  

Step 1: Supplies needed

Picture of Supplies needed
You will need:

scrap fabric, iron, sewing machine, heavy duty sewing needle,  thread, scissors, straight pins, measuring tape.
scluck552 years ago
Here are my pictures.
katvanlew (author)  scluck552 years ago
Very nice!
scluck552 years ago
Almost finished with mine. Thanks for the tutorial!
elewis032 years ago
kcli2 years ago
Looks like a great scrap buster...gotta try!