Make a starburst rose for that special person

Step 1: Materials

First, you need a rolling pin, a starburst of your choice in color, and a knife.

Step 2: Rolling It Out

Take the starburst and roll it out thin using the rolling pin.

Step 3: 3 Sections

Cut the rolled out starburst in 3 sections using your knife.

Step 4: Shaping It Out.

Roll one of the sections into a tube. Take one of the other sections and roll it around the first roll. Do the same with the last one. After that pull the sides down and shape it into a flower.

Step 5: Finished

Now just give it to that special person.
Do they even make green starburst?.?.?./
Nice *even though I first thought it'd be about making a rose with the wrapper*, but in theory this can be done with any item that has the same consistency, ie: play dough, tootsie roll, bread dough, ect.
that is true that you can do i with other items, but i thought a starburst would be the best since its the color of a flower
True *and it tastes better than bread dough*
It tastes better then play dough too :-)
Nothing tastes better than play dough ;-).
I find most cheeses tastier LOL
Key word: &quot;most&quot;. :)<br />
Let's put it this way, bleu and Limburger cheeses are (to me) tastier ;-)| <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I've never tried either of those before (I'm kind of picky). :)&nbsp;I heard they smell bad?<br />
The Soft Limburger is quite poignant, but it is the strongest of the two in both smell and taste.&nbsp; The harder Limburger is not so sharp though..... <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
You learn something new everyday. :)<br />
A green Starburst could be rolled into a stem - this looks very cute and easy to make!
A green Starburst would work perfect, thank you.

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