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Introduction: Starburst Rose

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Make a starburst rose for that special person

Step 1: Materials

First, you need a rolling pin, a starburst of your choice in color, and a knife.

Step 2: Rolling It Out

Take the starburst and roll it out thin using the rolling pin.

Step 3: 3 Sections

Cut the rolled out starburst in 3 sections using your knife.

Step 4: Shaping It Out.

Roll one of the sections into a tube. Take one of the other sections and roll it around the first roll. Do the same with the last one. After that pull the sides down and shape it into a flower.

Step 5: Finished

Now just give it to that special person.



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    Do they even make green starburst?.?.?./

    Nice *even though I first thought it'd be about making a rose with the wrapper*, but in theory this can be done with any item that has the same consistency, ie: play dough, tootsie roll, bread dough, ect.

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    that is true that you can do i with other items, but i thought a starburst would be the best since its the color of a flower

    True *and it tastes better than bread dough*

    It tastes better then play dough too :-)

    Nothing tastes better than play dough ;-).


    I find most cheeses tastier LOL

    Let's put it this way, bleu and Limburger cheeses are (to me) tastier ;-)|

    I've never tried either of those before (I'm kind of picky). :) I heard they smell bad?

    The Soft Limburger is quite poignant, but it is the strongest of the two in both smell and taste.  The harder Limburger is not so sharp though.....

    A green Starburst could be rolled into a stem - this looks very cute and easy to make!

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    A green Starburst would work perfect, thank you.