There are actually quite a few bracelets that relate to the original Starburst Bracelet. In this tutorial I will show you these bracelets and in my tutorials to come I will show you how to make them! But be warned, they may be quite challenging!!

Step 1: The Starburst Bracelet

This bracelet is the base of the others that I will show you!!

Step 2: Double Starburst

Well it's in the name, a double starburst

Step 3: Little Star

The little star is very much like the Starburst but it is still a challenging bracelet.

Step 4: Star of Wonder

Pretty much to Little Stars put together !!

Step 5: Wildflower Bracelet

So beautiful but it's just a Starburst with doubled bands

Step 6: Enclosed Star

This bracelet is a bit like a Starburst, backwards!

Step 7: Kaleidoscope

This is my favourite bracelet of all time!!! And it has some similarities with the starburst

Step 8: Flower Burst

The flower burst is such a pretty bracelet and it's only a little star with double bands

Step 9: Lucky Star

This is a new bracelet that I just made up but someone might have already invented it.
Please make a kaleidoscope tutorial because I'm dying to make it and your tutorials are so clear and awesome so pleaseeeeewee
Please put tutorial on the last one
The XO bracelet is another one
Any other starburst related bracelets anyone wants to see
<p>flower power</p>
Could you try making a starburst ladder like you put the starburst in the middle and for the border you make like a ladder thing? I don't know if that's possible but please give it a try
how do you do them?
make a starburst turorial pls. because i can't make a starburst band :)
<p>i like it.how do you do that.</p>

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Bio: The best account, completely dedicated to Rainbow Loom Bracelets!? All inspiration comes from Loom Love! Hope you enjoy
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