video Starburst Wrapper Bracelet.
The gum wrapper chain has been turned into a colorful craft that you can wear! =]
kattynasco3 years ago
2 in one candy: 1.eat them, 2.make bracelets!
Mauigerbil4 years ago
Cool! Yet another excuse to buy candy! ;)
SarahKat5524 years ago
ok about the whole duck tape rose thing can you use a pen for the step 'cause that would be a very awsome pen
hjohannsson4 years ago
Thanks Really Helpful
WhyHello4 years ago
I love ur necklace lol thanks for tut
Sign.ups4 years ago
Yaa how do u connect them???
sammyanta5 years ago
Hey I don't know if anyone can help but if you can help me :-)

Well anyway how do you know where to put the links ?
BarginsTech5 years ago
lol cute, you were playing with them :P great instructable
you can probably use wire vs the safety pin (if you want to hid the end)