I have made several instructables showing how to make paper flowers, roses, daisies, and so on.  The thought came to me one day to use fabric as there are so many colorful, brilliant, decorative and vibrant fabrics to choose from. The issue was the fabrics were not "stiff" enough, so the next thought was to starch the cloth before trying to manipulate them into various flower forms.  It worked!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Few tools and supplies are necessary: starch, fabric, scissors, glue, materials for stems and so on.
So much for buying fake flowers ever again! The tequila rose is definitely my favorite.
<strong>Beautiful</strong>, <em>handmade</em>&nbsp;flowers that bloom <u>indefinitely</u>? &nbsp;It doesn't get any sweeter than this!!!
Thanks baja!

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