Introduction: Starfield Simulation Light Installation Guide

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This starfield simulation light projects a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with thousands of stars in random order.

Step 1:

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Pull out the lead wires from LED bulb and set the socket in the shaft B.

Step 2:

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Cover the shaft B with the shaft A and screw at two points. Be sure to pull out the lead wires from the concavity.

Step 3:

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Put the shaft between the column A and the column B and then insert the bolt, put the nut knob and then the nut and screw therse on.

Step 4:

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Put on the time sticker so that the 18 line comes on the /\ mark.

Step 5:

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Put the month sticker on the base.

Step 6:

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Insert the switch in the base.

Step 7:

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Insert battery contact into the battery box.

Step 8:

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Insert the power input into the base.

Step 9:

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Fasten the switch with screws.

Step 10:

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Attach the battery stopper with screws with collar.

Step 11:

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Set the pedestal asembled on the base.

First, put the pug through the round hole in the base and insert the pedestal so that the projections of the pedestal fit in the holes in the base.

Step 12:

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Turn over the base and fasten the pedestal with screws with collar.

Step 13:

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Connect the plug of the bulb socker to the receptacle of the switch. Connect them firmly.

Step 14:

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Mare sure the bulb lights up turning the switch on and off.

Step 15: Assembling the Stellar Globe

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Fold the boundary lines around the pentagons of the stellar sheets a couple of times to make creases.

Step 16:

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Put double faced adhesive tape on the reverse side(lossy and without protective film).

Step 17:

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Put the parts of the same letters together so that the letters can be read from the outside.

Step 18:

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Stick the top and bottom base together.

Step 19:

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Stick the cover.

Step 20:

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Set the globe base in the stellar globe. The globe base are fastened by the hooks.

Step 21:

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Trim the edges in half with scissors.

Step 22:

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Peel off the protective films and the planetarium is complete.

Step 23:

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Set the assembled stellar globe on the pedestal.

Step 24:

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Set the latitude to the place you live. Set the time you want to observe the stars at the date you like. The stars of the time and the date will be projected.

Starfield Simulation Light


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That is a really cool projector.

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