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Hi: ), I Like painting my nails and I wanted to do something for summer and from the sea.. That's how i came up with this: ) Enjoy!

P.s. This is my first instructable so,I'm still figuring it out hope you like it. :)

Step 1: Supplies;)

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What you need for this project:

Nail file

Nail clippers

Tiny nail paintbrush(for the dots)

Nail make up brush ( for the glitter)

For your nails:

Clear nail polish or clear glittery(that's what I used): )

Coral color nail polish (for the starfish) or whatever you prefer

White glitter

Step 2: Cleaning Up

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File your nails evenly, clip if you need to, clean up your toes.

Take your clear coat of nail polish and apply to all toes on both feet.

Once that dries you get to do the fun part! go to Step 3 to see the "fun part".

Step 3: The Fun Part :)

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Alright here's the fun part...

Time to... paint your starfish! take you coral nail polish and your Tiny brush, paint a starfish on your two big toes.

Then before that dries dip your make up brush into the glitter and gently apply on starfish.( Tip Practice your starfish on a piece of paper so you can perfect your stars :) )

Step 4: Polka Dots!

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The adorable polka dots! I just love them

Now take your coral nail polish and your Tiny Brush. Dip the Tiny Brush into nail polish apply to every toe except the big one do this on both feet. Once that dries and you've put your polka dots on both feet let that dry and add another clear coat for extra protection (optional)

Step 5: The Finished Product!♥♥

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Congrats!! ☻: )

Once you have finished all the steps ..

You can enjoy your adorable, cute,, super fabulous Toes :)

Thank you!

hope i explained it right..

Enjoy ;) :):):)♥♥♥

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