Step 2:

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1. Choose your 9 gate symbols you would like to use.  These can be found with a simple internet search and you can customize them to your own desires.  For example, I used star signs of people I knew. One good source is the Stargate Wiki http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Glyph

2. Scale your Gate Glyphs so they are no larger than 5 inches high, and print them out for your Symbol/Glyph Patterns.

3. Using the Gate design pattern measurements, mark out the decorative gate borders, and stitch on your medium grey fabric.  Generally you will want to stitch the vertical lines first, and then use the horizontal stitch line to cap off the verticals as that will
produce a more finished look.  Stitch all one border, before measuring and stitching the other border.  For the bottom, I used zigzag stitch for all lines, set to a size similar to one you would use to applique.  For the top, I used a simple straight stitch for my verticals, that I double stitched and then used the zigzag for the horizontal lines.