Step 4:

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5. Sew your gate sidewall into a loop.  That seam should be one of your stitch lines between your first and last gate symbol.  Pay close attention to your decorative borders to ensure they line up correctly.

6. Attach your dark grey fleece interior fabric to the top off your gate.  Try to place your seam fairly close to your top decorative stitch.

7. Using your new formed circle of fabric, trim up your foam so that it fits together snuggly, end to end.  If you have an electric bread cutting knife, that will cut your foam very neat and easy.  If you don't have one... don't sweat the small irregularities in your end... it will all be covered with fabric anyway. :) 

8. Heat up your glue gun, and glue the ends of your foam together. (You don't need to take your foam out of your gate-circle, and that will help you out by helping hold those two ends together for you!)

9. Pin down your gate fabric to your foam circle. Pin the outside fabric up from the bottom into the foam.  Pin the interior fabric at a downward angle on the inside in the bottom inch. 

10. Glue the outside fabric in small sections to the bottom of the foam circle, pulling out a small section of pins, then gluing down the fabric, and smoothing it out.  Focus should be on gluing the outer edge down and in about a half an inch.  Do not worry about any remaining edge, as that will get covered over with the bottom piece. 

11. Glue down the inner fabric piece to the bottom of the inside of the foam circle.  Pull out a small section of pins, smooth your fleece fabric down from the top edge so that it lays flat and then glue down.  Continue around until the whole circle is finished