Step 7: Dialing Ring

Create the separate dialing ring just like the others.

Cut strips that are the height of your inner ring.

Form the inner and outer ring of the dialing ring. Double or triple layer the inner facing parts of the rings.

Make sure that they can rotate loosely in the groove.

Shingle the top of the dialing ring walls.

Take it out and then reinforce with the pleated strips.

Papier mache the top with paper towels.

Papier mache the bottom unseen edges with regular newspaper.
Lol. Watching SG1 right now on Netflix.
I'm such a Stargate geek. I'll have to see if I have the supplies to make this without the gong. The ring itself could be made into a small side table, mirror, or other geekiness. I'll probably just have it around to hang on the wall.
Nice! Did you ever create your gate?
put a bowl of blue dyed water in it and shine a light so it will look like the event horizon
It doesn't take much out of the ordinary to make it, just time if you want to pay attention to detail. Please post an instructable or show us what you made when you finish! Mission accomplished - another Stargate seeded in the universe.
That is awesome.
no place like Cheyenne mountain :D
!!!!! I LOVE STARGATE! sg universe is awesome too. btw nice instructable :)
Great to see some SG fans here! Any Trekkies? B5ers? BSG fans? We could all start redecorating our homes to look like off-world or starships. Neat huh! :) lol
Woohoo! SG fan here as well. Huge fan. You have no idea how happy it made me to see featured.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/gmjhowes-Managers-Command-and-Control-Seat-of-Ri/" rel="nofollow">Pull up a chair</a> and cool off your jets.
You should make a DHDrum to go with it.
Accessories are optional and batteries are not included. Now where am I gonna find 9000 AAA-size batteries?
How about 10,000 LR44 batteries instead?<br> <br> <a href="http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/bbef3513-2f65-4aac-a08e-325814ac1b9b/10-000-lr44-batteries-yes-10-000#27" rel="nofollow">For all your 15,000 Volt Battery needs.</a><br>
i was gonna make one... but im not very good at paper mache and i cant seem to find my extra naquadah but... I LOVE IT
Great work !
Thank you Dm1t...if that is your <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Fn-Computer-Key-StoolChair/" rel="nofollow">Fn</a> name.
this has potential with other uses thanks
Probably, garden ornament, doorbell, picture frame, mirror frame, window frame, TV frame, Computer monitor frame, combine it with the LED infinity mirror, toilet seat cover, water fountain, wash basin, etc, on and on...
Awesome. You have a true talent. My mouse is gravitating to the subscribe button as I type.
Eucalyptus oil should get rid of the label painted onto the cymbal to
Hmmm, I wonder if the oil works better than the toxic graffitti removers I use. Thanks for the tip. The cymbal does need to be cleaned though.
I'm not sure how they the bottles cost in USA, but in Australia, you can find them in grocery stores for quite cheap near all the band aides and what not. I usually use it for removing paint and marks off of things, it takes a little bit longer than using turps but still gets the job done nicely without taking to long, plus leaving a nice eucalyptus smell behind haha
I know you said you weren't really a hard core Stargate fan, but this just stood out to me. You have 9 chevrons instead of 7. Have a nice day!
Thats because the stargate has 9 chevrons, 7 are used for an address in your own galaxy, 8 are for an address in a different galaxy (used to get to the Pegasus galaxy in Atlantis) and 9 are used to travel to the star ship that is seeding the universe with stargates (as seen in Stargate Universe.
Indeed, I stand corrected. I forgot that there were two that are typically hidden by the ramp. I guess I just figured it was like dialing a phone number with an area code. You just start typing the numbers and from the first few it knows you're dialing out of your area and thus just accepts the extra numbers rather than directing you to the number of the first 7 digits.
There are various Stargates scattered throughout the galaxy. I think I based mine off the Milky Way one. Glyphs and number of chevrons vary depending on the design and series of episodes.
Nicely done.

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