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The Stargate DHD was designed to be a freestanding unit with a center crystal on the DHD device that will illuminate via two AA batteries. The illumination of the crystal is provided via a color changing RGB LED. The unit was designed to accommodate a request from a user that is getting married and wanted to have a Stargate DHD as a centerpiece on each of the tables at the reception. That was just nerdy and cool enough to peak my interest. The result is a wedding centerpiece or Stargate prop that any nerd would be proud of. The LED was running for 5 days straight on the (2) AA batteries with no sign of degradation. I finally stopped the test since I figured 5 days was a sufficient run time test.

The Stargate DHD is 3D printed and utilizes a single LED powered by two AA batteries.

The .stl files for printing the Stargate DHD are located here and can also be found at www.guarnero.com.

The Stargate DHD dial and base are based upon the work of Techno35 at


The dhd (dial home device) dial was resized so that it can print on a Lulzbot Mini printer and the dhd (dial home device) base was resized and heavily modified to provide a housing for the battery holder and reduce the amount of printed material required.

The .stl files include the dial, base, LED holder and battery pack retainer. The entire Stargate DHD was printed with HIPS filament. The Stargate DHD device is painted so any color filament will suffice.

A complete parts list along is provided at the end of this document.

Step 1:

Step 24:

Microtivity 5 mm RGB LED


Battery Holder


Acrylic Cabochon


HIPS 3D Printer Filament


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