Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis ZPM Prop Replica


Introduction: Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis ZPM Prop Replica

Hello my name is Phillip I am the owner of Actiprops. This is the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis ZPM prop replica That I made. I plan on adding a guide for the build soon, but I thought I would go ahead and add this for all to see. I am new to instructables, so Still learning the ends and outs.  This build started like many with decent research! I had access to detailed measurements of the screen used ZPM hero. 

This ZPM started with a styrene and wood base. After several smoothing sessions I sculpted the fine points with Apoxie Sculpt. The lines are made with apoxie sculpt.  I molded the master with Smooth-on products the new "Rebound 40".  I then added the 1/4 inch clay lining for uniform thickness. After that I molded the other side (so I could make hollow cast) The resin was also from Smooth-on resin with so-strong tint.  Both molds are designed to fit in my smooth-on pressure casting pot. This allows me to make bubble free castings. Thats important because of the lights. If I didn't pressurize them wow it would look horrible.

But here you go. I will be posting more detailed in depth instructables.  In the mean time look for us on facebook and twitter!



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    Lindo, como faço para baixar o projeto...

    Like it a lot very well done and I be happy to get a couple of you some how along with the Galactica prop side arm....

    Cheers Fro Aust. Bob

    2 replies

    I have been trying to make a ZPM for over a year now, but keep running into problems. I would love to see the detailsof how you made this.

    I can't wait to see the prints. Are you selling these?

    someone make me one please, im horrible at this.

    Looks pretty close, but I think the color is slightly off. It needs to have more of an amber cast to it, and possibly not so uniform in color, but pretty danged close.

    Looking forward to seeing the instructable, these would make very nice lamps!

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    Duuuuuude! This is awesome! Nice process photos too. Please keep posting your projects, this is great!

    Hey, is that an Iron Man helmet in the background?

    Would love to hear about more about the details, such as measurements, scale drawings, etc.

    That is seriously cool. Would love some more info on the steps used to make the moulds. materials etc..

    Come on man don't be a tease, I would love to see a link to a supplier of materials,
    and a few more details.

    I'm voting for this in the challenge because it is exceptional, but I will be hoping for a primer about the resins used, nice work obviously professional quality!

    These are amazing looking, I am looking forward to the instructable although I have a feeling it will be out of my range

    Dead ringers for the ones used on the show, great job! Kinda lost me halfway through, but i guess that's why you're the prop maker and i'm in awe.