Picture of Starry star
Things you will need:

Craft paper
Pair of scissors/paper knife
A pencil
A ruler

Step 1: Step one:

Picture of Step one:
Start drawing lines, mine were ½ cm thick or you could use a paper shredder to get even paper stripes.

And cut out all stripes in to 8” long

You will need 12 paper stripes to make one star.
shazni1 year ago

Very pretty!

zeyanimisbah (author)  shazni1 year ago

Thank you :)

PennyPA1 year ago

This looks like something even *I* could make....and it'll look so neat hanging in the RV!

zeyanimisbah (author)  PennyPA1 year ago

you should definitely give it a go, let me know how it turns out if you try :)

terrynight1 year ago
THIS! is the prettiest AAANNND easiest star I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing :-)
zeyanimisbah (author)  terrynight1 year ago

Thank you :), your comment made my day


VI73W31 year ago
Must try to do this, its a beautiful decoration! :-)
zeyanimisbah (author)  VI73W31 year ago

Thank you :)

mehtap1 year ago
very easy and very good :)
zeyanimisbah (author)  mehtap1 year ago

Thank you

BigRed19731 year ago
Very pretty!!! And easy to follow directions are excellent!
zeyanimisbah (author)  BigRed19731 year ago
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Happy new year :)
jjsims1 year ago
zeyanimisbah (author)  jjsims1 year ago
Thank you :)