Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair





Introduction: Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair

We decided to fix-up my Grandmother's old lawn chair for the 3M Duct Tape Contest. Thanks for the idea and the opportunity!

Step 1: Clean Up the Chair

Cut off all the old straps and wipe off the aluminum with a damp rag.

Step 2: Preparation

We used a rust proof, hammered bronze spray paint finish. We applied several thin coats making sure it did not run.

Step 3: Making the Straps

Measure the width of the chair and add about 3 inches, which will allow an inch and a half on each side for the tape to wrap around the post. Stick it, sticky side up to two secure places (not on the chair). This step is to layer the tape to make it strong enough to sit on and to cover the sticky side. Make sure it's tight. Then place another layer of tape (sticky side to sticky side, leaving an inch and a half on each end uncovered) on top of the strips. Make sure it is aligned correctly. Once centered, slowly run your finger along the tape to stick them together. Be sure to remove as many air bubbles as possible. Repeat this step on the top and bottom to attain the desired strength. (more layers = more strength and less stretch). We did three layers.

Step 4: Putting It Together

We did all the red, horizontal strips first then wove the white and one blue strip through them. Make sure your straps are tight and evenly spaced. All vertical straps go under the metal bar in the back.


We can't wait to present our grandmother with her "new" Duct Tape chair on the 4th of July so she can sit and enjoy the fireworks in STARS AND STRIPES STYLE!!

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    Will/does the duct tape stretch? I'm thinking about converting my kid bike trailer for use by my two dogs. I want the base to be flexi but firm. The dogs weigh close to 60 lbs together.

    If I use duct tape webbing, I would put the straps closer together, but will it stretch?

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    It definitely stretches, but it can be delayed. If you layer more strips of tape on both sides you should be just fine. Ours lasted 4 months in the sun and rain, and thats with the minimal amount of tape. Just layer it up well, the more the better, and you should be fine.

    Nice job, but it appears that the part you stick to the chair post is only 1 layer thick? So you have a "weakest link" that is only 1 layer thick. I think I would build up 3 layers sticky side to smooth, then 1 layer sticky to sticky. That way the part you wrap around the chair post is 3 layers thick.

    I'm curious how this holds up. It looks great btw.

    Also, how do you get the tape stuck to the chair exactly? I can see the first side being easy but, when you stretch it tight to the other side you aren't able to get any overlap with itself when wrapping around the aluminum pipe are you? I would imagine that would start to slide after a while and especially if 300 lb. uncle Rosco sits in it.

    So, is this chair still in use and still intact?

    Good idea, and good intentions. Unfortunately, United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1, §8c states "The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise [or someone's butt]. In my opinion, this project would go over better if it were in some sports team's team colors, or in olive drab green as a camping chair.

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    I have a couple of chairs I've been trying to figure out what to do that Staples has colored duct tape, my problem has been solved! (And.. code3, lighten up. I'm really serious about proper flag etiquette, but this chair is no more a copy or replica of our flag than any other piece of red white and blue material. Very cute and patriotic.)


    I really like this idea. I have a chair I want to redo, but nylon webbing is almost impossible to find anymore as our society is going more and more disposable.

    The main thing keeping me from running out and doing this instructible right now is getting the two strips aligned *exactly*. (If there is any exposed sticky, such a chair would be suicide for those of us with machoriffically hairy legs.)

    Somebody invent this: A duct tape - to - duct ribbon extruder spool!!!

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    On the episode of Mythbusters: "Duct Tape Bridge", Adam and Jamie made one to make the extremely long double sided strips

    How do you get the red tape to stick to the chair exactly?

    You can get the webbing for lawn chairs at your local Ace Hardware. If there is not one in your area, you can order at I am a Manager at my local Ace and we carry it in our store.

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    This was a contest using 3M Duct Tape. Of course any of the items in these entries can be purchased at a store in their traditional form, but this was a creative exercise using duct tape.

    Great idea, like it!


    We used a star we printed off the internet, traced it with a sharpie, and cut them out.