This is my first own transformer, Starscream. He has great articulation of his joints. Battlefront's is great but I don't know what you people like. Thank you!!!
<p>You're <strong>REALLY good at it ,so maybe could you make a jazz.</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p>
can you post the instructions pls!
can you please post it has benn 1 year already
this is okkkkkkkkk&nbsp;&nbsp; but really improve the robot mode i mean a cant see anything of it&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : )&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;_&quot;
It's good! It could use a little bit of improvement but it's nice.
can you post it please it's cool
Heyyyyyyy just signed up but wonderin where the hek your instructions r cos its just killin me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I love it, meean azzzz --
can you add intructions on how to make it?
which one??? New or old version
Thank you I think
It looks very good. Grats!
thanks my new one is going to be better
YAY! This is by far the best knex transformer!
Have you even seen Kneximus Prime?
I meant in instructable form...
Glitched says you won! I would happen to agree, but Battlefronts was good too.
Very cool O.o
Wow, great job. If you post it, I'll definitely build.
Thanks guys it means a lot I'll probably post, I started my knex bumblebee instructable but I'm reallllly busy so i'll get to it
This is brilliant! Good work!

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