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This coil heats up when 9v 1.4a is ran through the starship coil with a ac adapter here is a website so all you wiewers can learn about the principals of how coils heat up.

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The coil i made is an 8 winding 30 gauge coil that heats up fast due to the thickness of the wire#


paul.jay1 (author)2015-04-24

will you please publish all the steps ?? I realize it's fairly simple but just to be sure!!!

nerd7473 (author)paul.jay12015-04-24

I was new to instructables and didn't put forth the effort needed to make all the steps...

RebeccaW13 (author)nerd74732015-11-06

Can you put them now?

nerd7473 (author)RebeccaW132015-11-07

sorry I don't have the stuff and I made it before taking pictures

nerd7473 (author)paul.jay12015-11-07

I don't have the stuff to make it and I didn't make the full steps to begin with...

shawnstecks (author)2013-12-10

what's the output?

nerd7473 (author)shawnstecks2013-12-10

no idea I didn't know because I didn't and don't have a digital thermometer

criggie (author)2012-04-06

Perhaps you clicked Publish before it was done... I can only see one step and theres nothing here about how it work or why its made like this.
Have I missed something?

nerd7473 (author)criggie2012-05-01

no that was back when I was new to instructables

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