Introduction: Start Fire With Gum Wrapper and Battery

How to start Fire with Gum Wrapper and Battery

Items required:

Gum with metal foil wrapper


Glove (optional)

Step 1:

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Cut gum wrapper into 3 pieces (only one piece needed)

Step 2:

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Fold the paper in half and cut at 45 degree angle.

Step 3:

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Place one side of the paper on positive side of the battery and other side on negative side.

You should see smoke on paper wrapper followed by fire.

WARNING: Use glove or something to protect your hand , battery can get really hot and burn your hand.


mechaknight (author)2015-06-12

how does it work

zack195610 (author)2015-06-12

This is really cool! To bad I don't have the right type of gum wrapper though.

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