Introduction: Start Programming ESP3212 With Arduino IDE

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Step by step environment setup for ESP3212 on Arduino IDE

Step 1: Buy Componnents

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Step 2: Download ESP32 Tools

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Download ESP3212 development tools from following link

After download this files extract and place in folder (any location)\Arduino\hardware\espressif\arduino-esp32\(all files).

Here any location means your Arduino folder location it may be vary as installed Arduino.

Step 3: Basic Programming

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Select any Example from arduino IDE and select following information

Board : ESP32 Dev Module

Flash Frequency : 40Mhz

Upload Speed : 115200

Debug Level : None

Port : COM1

Step 4: How to Flash

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For flashing program press and hold reset button then press boot0 button and release reset button. then release boot0 button. Now click on upload program

Step 5: See Video for Step by Step ESP3212 Setup on Arduino IDE


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