Step 2: Brake Work.

Today I will show you how to work on V brakes. I will show you how to tighten them, the easy way and the hard way,and replace the brake pads. On all brake handles there is a little bolt thingy that the brake cable goes into. this can be used to adjust how close the brake pads are to the wheel. To adjust i,t unscrew the nut that is on the bolt and then unscrew or screw in the bolt, tighten the nut back up. If this doesn't work then you will have to adjust the brakes themselves. Here is were it can get ugly. You will need two pairs of pliers. One to pull the brake cable and the other to loosen and tighten the nut. You may need to get someone to help you hold the brake levers together for you. Unless you are Doc Oc. I think we all wish we had a third arm sometimes. As long as it wouldn't take our brains over.
Now I will show you how to replace the brake pads. You will need allen wrenches and possibly a pair of pliers. Replacing brake pads is pretty self explanatory. There is a nut that can be loosened with an allen wrench, and a lot of weird washers. The only hard part is remembering how the washers went back together. All you do is take off the nut, washers and, brake pads, and put on the new ones. Align the brake pads with the wheel as close as you can. This will increase stopping power and thus safety. Tada!! Now you know about brakes!!
haha i dont think you can start a bike shop from this but it is a great start and if you do side jobs i bet a lot of money could be made.
I did.
Keep up the good work!
wire is a little frayed. If you were at a bike shop that would be replaced
I always try to put a wire cap on it, and that was my mom's bike that she doesn't ride much.
Makes sense to not charge your mom haha!
One thing I would add about changing new pads is how to correctly place them. They should be fully on the braking surface with the leading edge tilted away from the rim. Many mechanics advise tying a rubber band around this end of the pad to space it the correct amount.
Thanks!!!! I totally forgot about that! I'll add that that.

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