Start a Fire With Chewing Gum!




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Introduction: Start a Fire With Chewing Gum!

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This simple trick will teach you how to start a fire if all you have is a pack of chewing gum and a flashlight battery!



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    I'm in the USA, but sometimes I can't view videos on Instructibles, either for some reason. Some I can, and some I can't. I can't see yours

    Cool, I must try this,! (not that I even have chewing gum)

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    I don't normally either; I had to get it from my wife. Works well, though!

    A few boys I associated with for a while would do this but they would have a competition seeing who could leave their fingers on it for the longest!

    So for those of us that can't view the video. What's the trick... There should be a written description too.

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    You're basically taking the foil wrapper from a stick of gum and using it to create a resistor between the battery terminals, which will heat up to the point of starting a fire. It's much more easily demonstrated than explained; thus the video.

    Are you outside the USA or is YouTube blocked? Seems to show up fine here.

    I gotcha, similar to the steel wool and 9v trick. I'm located in the US, but youtube is blocked in this undisclosed location.