Recently I wanted to have a little more cash in my pocket, so I started a microbusiness – smaller than a small business! I hope that this instructable will help you start your own micro online business.

Currently my microbusiness – www.TheJouleThief.com – is making some money selling small electronic kits I designed and constructed. I started it back in November of 2009, and by January I recouped my small $200 investment and began making a profit. But more on that later, let’s get started.

A microbusiness may not yield huge cash flows, but it’s a good way to get a taste of running your own business, and pocketing a little cash at the same time!


Step 1: Professionalism Vs. Homeliness

One thing to keep in mind that affects ALL aspects of this microbusiness is the balance between professionalism and homeliness. You want your business to appear professional, as if you just didn’t slap it together in 5 minutes to get some cash. At the same time, you want it to look homely, like you aren’t some huge corporation monopolizing the business. This is extremely important as this will determine how your customers will view your business! Always keep this in mind. Throughout this ‘ible I will make little notes about how to maintain this balance. 

nice intractable, i wanted to learn about making kits and selling them. <br> <br>Tip: make a free wix account. Its a website that offers free &amp; paid flash/html5 templates. Also you can also make facebook website to put in facebook pages. Check out my examples at the bottom. Once your done with a decent, not so heavy on flash website (usually ppl in east part of the world can not even open heavy flash based website so its better to have very little or not at all flash site, although you can now use HTML5 website) you can use your paid domain name to direct people to your wix website. You do not see advertisements on your wix page, although there are tons of apps and stuff you can add on your website to make a it intresting, for example twitter tweet,facebook like and chat etc. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Watch-Live-India-Cricket-Here/110606409022439
Does PayPal Cost anything?
Yes, it has fees for both sender and receiver. More for &quot;business&quot; transactions. On the plus side, everyone can sign up to use it for their business, unlike direct credit card systems and it's a little more secure for both parties on its own. I.E. if you don't want to get additional security for your website. Nothing is &quot;completely safe&quot; though...due care is still required.<br><br>You can see their fees on their website for your area. Try a search for &quot;paypal &quot;.
<br> I suggest going to <a href="http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=26910707">1and1</a>. They are highly professional, and offer large amounts of services. I'm not trying to be like an advertiser, but I use them, and don't regret spending tiny amounts of cash on their services. A few months ago, they had a free domain offer, with no strings attached, and I actually got a free domain which I use for my home server.<br> <br> For four dollars a month, you can get a site with ten gigabytes of storage, unlimited traffic, and a free domain name(Last as long as you have the service). :D Plus, their servers are ran on 100% green energy.<br> <br> Oh god. I sound just like the people I hate. (You know, people that go around telling people about stuff, and have their affiliate ID ready to paste)<br>
That almost sounds too good to be true.
It was good while it lasted. I still use them for domains, but for hosting I now use NFOServers.com<br><br>They are primarily a private game server host, but an amazing web host. Customer support like you never dreamed.
For your domain name and website bit, I would recommend following this intractable for free hosting https://www.instructables.com/id/FREE-HOSTING-HACK/ This will keep things very cheap
Don't forget your tax deductions. Your entire internet/phone bill is deductable. Your some of your mileage is deductable. A pecentage of your household utilities are now deductable.<br />
Seems cool, but what did you do about business registrations and taxes?<br />
Considering that my sales are smaller than what most people get when just selling junk on ebay, I'm pretty sure I don't have to register. But can anyone confirm on when a &quot;business&quot; should be registered?&nbsp;
I&nbsp;am pretty sure you only have to pay taxes after raising over $400 a year I think, but don't quote me on it.<br />
Nice.<br /> <br /> <small>Subtle advertising, too.</small><br />
Thanks! You got me all excited to start my own microbusiness. :)<br />
Cool instructable.&nbsp; Very nicely laid out to.&nbsp; I bet it will help many people.<br /> <br /> <br />
wow this is cool! i want to start doing this!

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