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I fell in love with the Felted Flower Tote in the Better Homes & Gardens Knitting Fun For Everyone book. It had been about 20 years since I had knitted anything, so I started out with the Homespun Comfort afghan from the book and made it with the very soft Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

After another small project I made the beautiful tote bag. I loved how it turned out, but was left with quite a bit of different colored wool/mohair yarn.

I found a perfect use for the yarn on the Lion Brand website with the Make It Yours Purse. After using the basic pattern, I embellished the outside of the small felted purses in a tropical scene using several different colors of wool roving and a felting punch. I also added some small beads on the palm trees and a seashell for the closure. It was an easy technique and one I am looking forward to using again with different scenes. I hope you enjoyed looking!


dragonflygirl (author)2014-01-02

Very nice work; I just wish that it would have included instructions.

porcupinemamma (author)2009-04-19

There are so many BEAUTIFUL projects in this category, (including yours) but no one seems to include instructions. The site is called .. "instructables"...

cozycoleman (author)2008-02-21

nice work keep knitting.

canida (author)2008-02-07

Those are beautiful! I love the colors and creative designs. Great job.

artjoan (author)2008-02-07

Super creativity! Just love them all. My favorite are the palm trees. Expertly crafted.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-03

Great job! The 2nd picture with the palm tree looks very nice.

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