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Introduction: Starter Project & Embellishing Left Overs

I fell in love with the Felted Flower Tote in the Better Homes & Gardens Knitting Fun For Everyone book. It had been about 20 years since I had knitted anything, so I started out with the Homespun Comfort afghan from the book and made it with the very soft Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

After another small project I made the beautiful tote bag. I loved how it turned out, but was left with quite a bit of different colored wool/mohair yarn.

I found a perfect use for the yarn on the Lion Brand website with the Make It Yours Purse. After using the basic pattern, I embellished the outside of the small felted purses in a tropical scene using several different colors of wool roving and a felting punch. I also added some small beads on the palm trees and a seashell for the closure. It was an easy technique and one I am looking forward to using again with different scenes. I hope you enjoyed looking!



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    Very nice work; I just wish that it would have included instructions.

    There are so many BEAUTIFUL projects in this category, (including yours) but no one seems to include instructions. The site is called .. "instructables"...

    Those are beautiful! I love the colors and creative designs. Great job.

    Super creativity! Just love them all. My favorite are the palm trees. Expertly crafted.

    Great job! The 2nd picture with the palm tree looks very nice.