This box of small glow plug engines showed up on my doorstep. They must be 50 years old, and one started up right away!
Looks like they were used on a motorized kite, similar to how rc planes fly today.
If anyone has any information or use for these let me know

Step 1: Take an Inventory

At first it looked like an old broken place, or garbage.
I started pulling some pretty cool stuff out.

1- aircraft plastic shell
2- landing wheels
9 glow plug engines
14 propellers
Instruction booklet
Gas tank
Glow power fuel
Glow fuel
Glow plug stater clips
1.5v battery (dead)
And a pretty cool cigar box.

Step 2: Starting It Up

One of the engines was in great condition, new glowplug and good compression. 

I found a 1.5v battery, just a AA will work for awhile.
Clip the starter onto the glow plug
fill the fuel lines and prime it.
spin the prop, and it pops,
warm it up a bit, play with the mix screw and take the starter clip off.

I can get it to run longer than a couple minutes. im thinking its old fuel.

Step 3: Community

If anyone has any info to share on these let me know- If i can get this one running i want to build a r/c - something powered with this old motor.
<p>I aways winted to make one of those hooked up to a generator to recharge some batteries for a table or laptop. </p>
<p>i'd get some new fuel for a start, and some spare glow plugs. also check the props are safe</p>

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