First you start with a circle and a crescent line.

Step 1: Second Step

Add Eyes.

Step 2: 3rd Step

Add a mouth.

Step 3: 4th Step

Add teeth (people teeth on the left side pointy teeth on the other.)

Step 4: 5th Step

Add blood(this is optional)

Step 5: 6th Step

Then you color in the blood(optional) and you add more circles in the right eye with a pupil. You also add 1 circle with a pupil on the left and add veins.

Step 6: 7th Step

On the left side make curvy ovals and on the left side make lines.

Step 7: 8th Step

Add shading.

Step 8: Your Done

Then your done.

Step 9: Extra

This is another one that i made.

Step 10: Extra

This is another
This is really bad.

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