Introduction: Starting a Fire With Shavings From a Pencil Sharpener

Starting a fire with shaving from a pencil sharpener is an easy task. You just need to have the materials and time to do it. The video above shows you how to collect tinder from a pencil sharpener's shavings.

You'll need:

  • A thin twig from a soft wood, like pine.
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A fire starter

Step 1: Collecting the Shavings

Picture of Collecting the Shavings

You will need to find a dry small twig from a soft wood tree like pine. Once you have found your twig, you will need to see if the twig fits into the pencil sharpener. If it does, produce the wood shavings. This will take time but you will collect enough to ignite a fire.

Step 2: Igniting Your Shavings

Picture of Igniting Your Shavings

You will need a fire starter to do this. I have chosen a flint rod, and you should do the same. Hold your flint rod directly above the shavings and take a metal object to strike to produce sparks. It should only take you a strike or two ignite the fire. Once you have done that, you can build your fire up from there.


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