Starting a Coin Collection


Introduction: Starting a Coin Collection

Hey have you ever wanted to start a coin collection of your own? Read on to enter the world of coin collecting!!!!!

Step 1: Buying Your Coins

Usally there are many coin shops around.Now when buying coins rember to try to buy high grade coins here are the coin grades.
Proof-coin that has never been handled or touched by human hands.
AU-a coin that has had so little wear that it could be mistaken for proof.
EX-coin that has light wear on high points of the coin.
VF-coin will have medium to light wear and all coins with LIBERTY all seven letters must be clear.
F-coin has medium wear and LIBERTY all seven letters must be visable although some worn.
VG-Coin has medium to heavy wear LIBERTY must have three or more letters visable.
G-The coin only has the genral design of the coin outlined and it is very weak.
AG-Most of the design of the coin will be outlined, but the rims are worn.
F-Rims worn well into the design and should be outlines of some of the images are there.
P-Barely visable and completely flat. 
Now rember never clean coins

Step 2: Storing Your Coins

Now there are many ways to store coins.Binders are a common way of storing are slabs they are the best way to store coins.Plastic flaps are a tempary way of storage because over time they break apart and corrode coins.Now thats it!Here is a cool website that has grading all over the world!



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    Could you add some more to this?
    E.g. who's grading guide is that? Similar to this.
    Where do you shop for coins / find coins, and more about corrosion would help?


    3 replies

    the grading guide is used every where in coin collecting they all use the same grading rules.I have a lot of coin shops around and antique shops are great places.Also the crosion happens when the chemicals in the old pvc "flaps" the chemicals leak on the coin over time.

    thanks thats really cool!i'll find a spot for it in the instructable