Startup Sound Prank


Introduction: Startup Sound Prank


This is a prank i used to do to people at college and once to myself (It is that good) where a music file is hidden in the start-up folder which would normally be annoying or irritating.

Hope you find this instructive and helpful for an awesome April fools day


P.S The picture of the nuke is used to show how awesome the prank is -_-

Step 1: Fining the File You Want

Personally for April fools day I use the WTFBoom made popular by YTMND but you can use whatever you want.  I also made the sound file available to download if you want.

You can either follow the images or the brief descriptions I gave XD

Step 2: Now for Making the File Work on Startup

First of all you need to go onto your victims computer and follow the images by these clicks

Start - All Programs - Right Click Startup - Explore

Step 3: Dragging, Dropping and Finishing

When you have an windows explorer window like the one in the image, drag the sound file into the directory then right click the file and go to properties.  Then in the properties, tick the hidden box then apply the properties then OK.

Make sure you save everything that is on the computer just because you want to be nice and shut the computer down.

Next time someone starts the computer they will be shocked at the noise that awaits (for extra effectiveness turn their speakers on full blast and it is unmuted before you have shut the computer down)

Step 4: Enjoy

This was my first instructable so please be gentle.

Hope you enjoy annoying who ever it is you decide to prank.



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