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I was first introduced to starwars when I was in my 6th grade class. there was this drawing contest where everybody needed to draw something. then there was Edison, he didnt just drew something he made a starwars poster! Naturally, I was fascinated by the guy in the black helmet who looked like a robot. Back then there was no google so I had to ask everyone for information.
Stormtroopers are one the most recognizable and iconic characters of all time, so with the aid of google I found this: the pep file is an excellent replica of the original helmet. unfortunately I only have half inch thick eva foams, but I wanted to make one, so I needed to make do of what I have.


someone asked if I could make it like a zombie apocalypse type of thing. well since I have some free time and a lot of red ink lying around might as well do some coloring. more of the details on the last step. Thanks again for viewing.

Step 1: Print and Trace the Pattern.

Picture of Print and Trace the Pattern.

For this build we need a few supplies:

1. Eva foam 1/2" thick or if you got anything thinner like 2mm that would be great. The ones I got come in 12" x 12" sheets, I used up about 6 pcs of those.
2. spray paint white
3. spray paint any color (optional)
4. instant glue
5. acrylic emulsion
6. sand paper 280 or higher
7. pencil or anything that can write over the foam.
8. scissors
9. paint brush
10. Elmers glue
11. tons of patience (when cutting the pattern you'll need a lot of it). :)

Let's start.

I originally planned to glue on the pattern, but the paper did not want to stick to the foam and wrinkles started to appear as the glue started to dry. So I just traced the cutline and started cutting them up using scissors. it pays to have the pep files on the computer opened as i learned the hardway, i ended up making mistakes when joining parts up. I use instant glue as it easily welds the pieces pretty fast.

Step 2: Assemble It Part by Part

Picture of Assemble It Part by Part

Large pieces on the file usually fit together. When I saw the helmet taking shape I was so excited that I didnt notice that I have not curved the bottom portion well enough and that 2 integral pieces of the jaw to the mouth pieces doesnt seem to fit. well instead of tracing another set of pieces, I just went ahead and removed the 2 connecting pieces and slap the mouth piece and the jaw together.

Step 3: Filling / Coating With Glue

Picture of Filling / Coating With Glue

I knew the eva would soak up the paint like a sponge, so i needed something to seal the surface just enough so I can cover it up with a thin coat of paint. Did not bother dilluting the glue with water, just poured it all over and coat everything up usng my hands. let it dry for about 2hrs.

Step 4: Paint to See Seams (optional Step)

Picture of Paint to See Seams (optional Step)

If you were able to cut the foam properly, you dont need this step. this step is for the lazy people like me who used scissors to cut a half inch thick foam.

I painted the helmet red since that's all i have available. i did this to see the seams. I sanded the helmet roughly just to smooth out the seams.

Step 5: Spray Paint White Primer and Brush on Acrylic Emulsion

Picture of Spray Paint White Primer and Brush on Acrylic Emulsion

I was thinking of using the primer and some sanding to hide the seams, but alas the porous nature of the eva foam prove to be difficult to work with. so i just spray painted with primer paint and sanded it off lightly. i then brushed 3 coats of acrylic emulsion to seal off the foam surface.

Step 6: Spray Paint Flat White & Add Details

Picture of Spray Paint Flat White & Add Details

I decided to paint it using flat white. I wasn't able to smooth out the seams as I originally planned, so the flat white would add some finish but will still allow me to work on it again.

originally, i just gonna leave it plain white. but then it kinda look boring. so I was set to paint on the black details on it. I was on my way on doing that when I accidentally knocked over the bottle of black ink. I saw how the ink flowed on the helmet and liked the effect. so I poured a few more ink to complete the look.

***Updated for the bloody trooper***

When I heard of the suggestion of making the trooper bloody, my first thought was how can a trooper be bloody when all weapons are either lasers or light sabres. well, since I also wanted the trooper to stand out might as well cover it with blood.

I started by dripping more of the black ink so it would look like dried up blood. Then I mixed red ink with acrylic emulsion and painted the thing over.

Overall, I was quite happy with the outcome. it's light, wearable and could probably take a lot of play time.

some afterthought:

The half inch eva foam proved to be better as the helmet did not require any reinforcement and held up the shape quite evenly. Only thing I would do different is to properly cut the foam and look at the pep files when doing the assembly.

It's an entertaining project for kids and not so young people. ;)


hdennis1 (author)2017-10-19

if anyone was able to download can you post please

riocruz (author)hdennis12017-10-20

Just click on the link provided above. i have uploaded it to this site just in case the website of the owner is down. The file is .pdo you need pepakura viewer to open it.

hdennis1 (author)2017-10-19

cant find the pattern pieces. would like to make for my grandson

hdennis1 (author)2017-10-19

please help. Can’t download the file


crazycraftpro88 (author)2017-09-25

Could you make a pdf file of it? I don't have a way to use pepakura. Thanks!


vehicleman (author)2017-04-28

Where is the pattern?

riocruz (author)vehicleman2017-04-30

it´s on the website mentioned on the introduction. here it is just in case you missed it.

westfields (author)2015-11-25

Looks great. How long did the helmet take to make please?

riocruz (author)westfields2015-11-25

I spent about 2 days on this helmet, most of the time was spent on tracing & cutting the pattern. But it if you could find someone to help you with that, you could probably do this in less than a day, including the paint job.

vehicleman (author)riocruz2017-04-29


Could you please send me the pattern?

It is no longer in the 6 steps

vehicleman (author)2017-04-28

Can anybody send me the pattern. It is not in the download.

nshapley (author)2015-11-08

I had just started this project last week and am halfway through... I think I came to similar conclusions about the pieces fitting together as you did... though I started with cardboard and hot glue, then decopodge, and will finish with bondo, primer, and paint.

riocruz (author)nshapley2015-11-08

Wow! It's looking good! hope you can share what the finish piece looks like. :) Yeah had trouble with some of the pieces, but it all turned out good. Thanks for the comment. :)

nshapley (author)riocruz2015-12-23

here's an update of my finished product (in time for the premier). several layers of bondo, primer and custom paint job to take your eye off the asymmetry.

riocruz (author)nshapley2015-12-29


blackholeseeker (author)2015-11-29

Maybe for your next project you should make the new stormtrooper helmet from episode VII?

riocruz (author)blackholeseeker2015-11-29

at the moment I'm drooling over this photo I saw.

eggfooyoung (author)2015-11-13

Wow that turned out great! Good job!

riocruz (author)eggfooyoung2015-11-13

thanks :)

Balloon007 (author)2015-11-08

where did you buy the foam

riocruz (author)Balloon0072015-11-09

in our local mall. it comes in a pack of 10. You can find them mostly on kids section on your local store. They are like the puzzle foams or those with alphabet cut-outs. There is a bigger size like 2 ft x 2 ft too.

MandalorianMaker (author)2015-11-08

This is excellent! Are you going to do more helmets?

riocruz (author)MandalorianMaker2015-11-08

I try to do something on weekends. hopefully I could do more. thanks :-)

MichaelJB (author)2015-11-08

this is great!

riocruz (author)MichaelJB 2015-11-08

thanks :)

NathanSellers (author)2015-11-08

Way to go. It looks like a fun and challenging project.

riocruz (author)NathanSellers2015-11-08

it was fun building, especially when you see it taking shape. :)

JulianAzz (author)2015-11-08

cool helmet... I like it!

riocruz (author)JulianAzz2015-11-08

thanks ;)

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