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Introduction: Stashimal: Great Hiding Spot

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Here's a fun little project to turn a stuffed animal in to a great hiding spot for your valuables. its cheap and super fun for kids and adults alike. Enjoy. :) Also... if you put a glow stick in the jar and then close it, it becomes a really cool night light.

Step 1: Off With His Head

Take the head of carefully and cleanly and remove some stuffing.

Step 2: Fit the Jar and Glue

2.A- get the jar in there with a layer of stuffing around it so the stuffed animal keeps it shape

2.B- slowly hot glue the edge of the fabric to just under the threads of your jar, (push the stuffing down just a bit to make the fabric easier to glue)

2.C- hold jar until glue sets

Step 3: Glue the Head on to the Lid

you can do this with the lid attached or not. i prefer it to be on the jar so the teddy bears head is facing the correct way

glue the head on to the lid with the glue being just above the ridge of the lid to completely sink it into the head, and attach the head in the same fashion you did the body. After the head is glued on, make sure the glue held snugly and tight (you will be twisting this part on and off.

Step 4: Finished Product

after all the glue dries you will have your very own Stashimal. now your ready to hide what ever it is your little heart desires.

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Caan I use something other than hot glue, I don't have the money.

soo much better for than those "stuffies"

Reported for animal cruelty!

*Reported for Stashimal cruelty!

BRO!!!! Not cool to decapitate a teddy bear!!! But very cool and smart. Kudos to you, my friend!

great project. if you use a plastic jar and lid the weight will not draw attention from someone snooping for valuables.

I was wondering if you could post a picture of it being used as a night light. Thank you and a great job on the instructable.

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This would make a very cute piggy bank for a child! Just use a plastic or otherwise unbreakable jar for the guts & cut a slit in the lid. Even better, it's an extremely inexpensive product. Especially if you grab an old teddy bear from a second hand shop & a container from a packaging place. Not many people want to handle a grubby old teddy bear! Thanks so much, will put this to use this weekend!

Thanks for great idea and instructable!


Congrats on coming to the finalist! this is very cute and fantastic
idea. This is a must try. Thanks :-)

Love the idea! Headed to the thrift store for my own supplies this week. :)

And nice documentation. Often, the simplest instructions are the most difficult to convey.

Have you found the canning jar with the two-part lid to be advantageous for any reason? Or just the jar you had on hand?

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Great idea. I'm gonna make this. (I will show it when finished)