Starship Coil Winding





Introduction: Starship Coil Winding

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this is a starship coil winding intro#

Step 1: Winding and Points

#start at 1 then go to 6 then to 11 then 4 then 9 then 2 then 7 then 12 then 5 exetera.

Step 2: The Wires

after finishing winding wrap the wires around the first pin#



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    I am currently working on studying the magnetic field of this coil I wound one ten times and I want to figure out how the magnetic field moves.

    Ok, cool....please add more on you thoughts and uses for these. Aspergers is a gift of focus.

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    I have made several starship coils and use anywhere from a 9v battery to a laptop charger that uses around 12v (I think it is 12v anyways).

    I also forgot this inductance as well

    just move magnets and stuff look up the different uses on YouTube like speakers and 'over-unity'

    I have used it to flip magnets and to study magnetic fields

    yes aspergers is a gift

    creating overunity or making a speaker