Picture of State Flag Cake
this is my first instructable, so it will be some what bad.
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Step 1: Get The Ingredients!

Picture of Get The Ingredients!
2, white cake mix
1, bag of powder suger
5, eggs
1, bottle of oil
red and blue food coloring
1, bag of marshmallows
1, thing of crisco

Step 2: Non-food Items

Picture of Non-food Items
1, cookie sheet or clean surface
1, roll of foil
1, roll of plastic wrap
cookie cutters in shapes to match flag
measuring cups
rubber spatulas
3, bowls
1, mixer
cake pan
microwave or small crockpot

Step 3: Make The Fondant

Picture of Make The Fondant
for this you will need the marshmallows, crisco, cookie sheet, powdered suger, a bit of water , a rubber spatula and crock pot (if you want you can use a microwave).

1st prep sheet: smother cookie sheet (or clean surface) with crisco, after you have done this cut open the powdered suger and dump about half onto crisco surface.

2nd melt the mallows: this is going to take a bit, put the marshmallows into crockpot sprinkle half a table spoon of water and wait, stir often, once the mallows have melted to the point where they look like that marshmallown cream pour it onto the crisco surface.

3rd the need to knead: now time to get dirty, first grease you hands in crisco and don't go light (really cover every inch of your hand with it) onc your hands are covered you need to start kneading it like dough (pour in powdered suger as kneaded).

4th it is a wrap: now the fondant should be like dough this is good, form it in to a ball rub crisco on it, warp it in plastic and refrigerate so it will harden.