The crappy cardboard display I've had for eight years wasn't cutting it. I threw this together in about two hours. The stain is darker than I'd like, but it really makes the quarters stand out. Sorry about the photo, I had to force the contrast to show the borders.

Of course there is the matter of using two hours and $20 worth of material to display $12.50 worth of currency, but I also have a $20 display for $1 worth of currency.

If anyone is interested, I can put one of these together in plywood of pine as requested. Just send me a message.
I am interested in purchasing several of these. How much do you charge?
<p>I sent you a private message. I did these years ago, and can recreate them, but cost is another issue. I used solid wood laminated panels from Home Depot, at $22 a pop. I can certainly do it cheaper and lighter with 1/2 plywood, but it would all depend on what you want and the quantity you want. That's the only way I can determine a price...The setup will take me a while, and time is at a premium with one year old twins.</p>
I am interested in buying one (from you) but i was wondering about how much you charged
hey i was wondering how did you do this and what would i need
I used a CNC. Without one, you can accomplish a similar result with a Quarter Forstner drill bit, a map, some time and a router. The bit can be found here: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=6401&filter=quarter">Bit</a>. I used a 1/8&quot; bit to cut the borders and pockets.<br/><br/>I can one of these for you...Let me know if you are interested.<br/>
i would buy one for how much?

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