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Statues provide inspiration, remembrance, and a link to period of history. The only problem with statues is that they can't be enjoyed outside of daylight hours. However, adding red LED's in the eyes of statues makes them look diabolical, and brings the focus back to statues after the sun goes down.

Using playdough and LED's you can make any statue a creepy one. This project mashes up the How to Make playdough and LED throwie Instructables.

Here's what you need:

  • playdough
  • black ink
  • 5mm red LEDs
  • coin cell battery
  • tape

Ready to prank folks out for an evening stroll? Let's make!

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Step 1: Make playdough

Picture of Make playdough

Following Canida's DIY playdough Instructable, I was able to make a neutral colour playdough in under 10 minutes.

To make your own playdough you'll need:
2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar

In a large saucepan I combined all ingredients and mixed thoroughly, then put on stove over medium heat. Stir the mixture continuously until it thickens.

In Canida's words:

When the dough pulls away from the sides and clumps in the center, as shown below, remove the pan from heat and allow the dough to cool enough to handle.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if your playdough is still sticky, you simply need to cook it longer!
Keep stirring and cooking until the dough is dry and feels like playdough.

After the playdough is the right consistency the pan was removed from the heat and the dough was turned out onto a non-stick surface and allowed to cool for about 2 minutes. The dough was then kneeded to produce a uniform and smooth consistency.

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great spot

Nice Work Great Job sir.

This is awesome

great work on statue of gandhi ji.

nice staue.

i love with your job

Great pic of gandhi ji..

I love this its really fantastic work::)

I salute this guy..

superb stuff

johnsonpaul2 months ago

beautiful work

great eyes

Aiyion1 month ago

Well, this Idea seems to be pretty cool ^^

GrahamAbbey2 months ago

super wonderful stuff this

Rejanblink4 months ago

or you can just get the lasers cant you

Cringojames4 months ago

creepy.. but awesome

Davementor4 months ago

respect gandhiji

StevenMccan4 months ago

thnk you .. i was looking for this

KanwarSingh4 months ago

u did spleldid job :)

HarryLaine5 months ago

like your post :)!!!!!!

indiadumbells5 months ago

awesome gandhiji

great easy to go

Alexisanchez6 months ago

gandhi statue looks awesome

Alexisanchez6 months ago

gandhi statue looks awesome

Yess nice 1

myrrhmaid6 months ago


beadeep6 months ago

very cool, the best freak ya tweaker neighbor out project statues near by, but we do have

this is incredible

Clint Dempey6 months ago

very best art

CobyUnger made it!8 months ago

Another great one Mikeasaurus. Way to go. A brilliantly simple idea. The Philadelphia University school mascot and a couple of people reading on a giant stack of books have brilliant blue eyes tonight.

mikeasaurus (author)  CobyUnger8 months ago

Nice job on those statues, love that one on the stack of books!

Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro.

CobyUnger made it!8 months ago

Philadelphia has lots of statues. Here is Rocky Balboa with red eyes.

gravityisweak made it!9 months ago

Behold as mild mannered Lewis Temple hones his instrument of DEATH!!! I also happened to do this on the same day the local statue was "yarn bombed". Very convenient.

the first one is very creepy
mikeasaurus (author)  gravityisweak9 months ago

Whoa, with a weapon it's very creepy. Double-teaming with yarn bombing is a nice touch.

Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

xMSIx9 months ago

That's a funny and also inexpensive way to create a big discussion. Somebody should do it to the Abe Lincoln statue in Washington DC.

Ryhorn12 xMSIx9 months ago

Yes, but you first. Then I'll do it.

then i will next
chakra8 months ago

there is a very fine line between creativity and being insensitive.. i wouldn't have bothered myself if it was some figure of some modern art.. but making famous personalities from the history who have given so much to our present look like some evil gargoyles is not acceptable.

either you weren't educated or you are simply sadistic!

@tokala , @Tarun Upadhyaya, - shame on you!

tokala chakra8 months ago

I'm going to adhere to the 'be nice' policy and just say you are no fun.

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