Step 5: Pencil + Paper = FUN

This one is sort of a no-brainer. Bring a notebook and some pencils and play some simple games with one or more other people. Playing tic-tac-toe, hangman, and the dots and boxes game are fairly common, but I have some other suggestions.

Draw a grid/chart with a letter in each box on the left-hand column. These can be any letters or they can spell your favorite word. Across the top row, write categories like "girls' name, boys' name, body part, animal, place, occupation, color, car" etc. Players take turns coming up with words for each category that start with that row's letter. The object is to come up with words no one else used. Point system? Up to you.

Why? Because.
Each person writes a question beginning with "why," such as "Why do dogs bark?" or "Why do men have nipples?" or "Why do people yawn?" Then, fold the top of the paper over to hide the question and pass it to someone else who, without reading the question, writes an answer beginning with "because," such as "because the Germans invaded Poland," or "because your mother said so." Then read the questions and answers for hilarious results.

Word Building
Basically, one player writes a letter. Another person adds a letter, with the intent of spelling a certain word. Each player keeps adding until neither can add another letter. If one person thinks the other player can't possibly be thinking of a word, he/she can challenge that person to finish the word.

A favorite of younger kids, MASH is a game used to predict a person's future. One player tells the other's fortune. The fortune teller starts by writing out possible outcomes, starting with MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house),and usually making categories such as spouse, career, spouse's career, car, pet, and number of children. The possible options are normally a mixture of good, bad, and average. The magic number is derived by the teller making tally marks and the person saying when to stop. The magic number is used to eliminate choices until left with one answer per category. For example, if the number is 4, the teller counts M(1), A(2), S(3), and H(4). House is no longer an option. Continue using the magic number, skipping crossed out options and finished categories.

Similar to tic-tac-toe, start with a grid 3 x 3 or larger but still equal width and height. Either player can put an S or an O down, with the object being for a player to create on their turn the sequence S-O-S among connected squares (either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically), and to create as many such sequences as they can. If a player does get an S-O-S, they can continue turns until they no longer make the sequence. Otherwise, turns alternate. To keep track of who created which, one player circles sequences and the other puts a line through theirs.

Scribble Time!
Easy. One person makes a big scribble-y mess on paper, and another person adds to it and makes it into a picture. Viola! Watch the inspiration on Youtube.
So cool it worked
<p>Thats a really nice idea, you can also play some flash games from http://www.bus-games.com/school-bus-games on your phone or tablet!</p>
Ha ha
It was fun..NOT!
<p>WHat i would do is get an electronic and download some funny videos from a youtube downloader, music, and games that dont need wifi. i am going on a field trip with my class to st. louis. we live in indiana. i am bringing the drinks and haley is bringing spicy cheetoes! Reagan is bringing the mini movie player, in case she forgets, i have: your a wizard harry, and barbie princess charm school on my tablets! yes i am bringing two tablets! ITS A LOOOONG RIDE! we start at 7:15 AM and end at 9:30 at night! </p>
Good idea
What I did was call out games and people guessed the second letters pair then I played with stickers ...?
<p>thanks this will work for my austin field trip tommrow</p>
<p>Another game could be handman</p>
My friend taught me a variation of the hat game.<br>&quot;Bang bang bang bang. Who's dead?&quot;
This could also be offered as what to do on a long airplane flight. Normally, it takes only a few minutes to read the in-flight magazine, unless there is a whole article of interest. I usually take a book with me, but often it is boring to read for more than a certain amount of time at once, say 30 minutes (depending on the type of reading material). It is possible to do some other things and come back to reading later for another 30 minutes. I usually take an audio player and can listen to it for 20 or 30 minutes and then come back to it for another session later. Often I have the Bible or some Podcasts on the audio player. Sometimes I take a magazine of my own, and may be able to spend 40 or more minutes reading articles in it, depending on what magazine it is. I take a tablet and a pen. Usually I am thinking about something and can make notes on it for 20 to 30 minutes. That is also something I can come back to and repeat later. Occasionally you get a seat companion who is a good conversation partner, but that is not the usual situation. Using a cell phone is not possible on an airplane, but there is time for eating a snack. Taking a snack or a meal is possible on a bus, too.
Podcasts PWN<br />
Green Glass Door = Greatest game ever!
Wait, sorry, I don't get the hat thing
This is great! Dont forget, draw LOTS of cubes! Try different sizez, pyramids, prisms, Draw 3d until your page becomes an illiterate mess! -PKT
You forgot the bishop game! All you need is a knife or a sharp object and your hand. You'll be entertained for hours. It gets really interesting when you go two player.
For the name game, we normally go first mane and last name. If you start with John Smith, the Next person has to go with an S first name. Its a lot of fun with people of the same school or church.
If I find some on the bus trip,I will be sure to add them.

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