Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby





Introduction: Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby

Cute geeky baby costume??? How about a stay puft marshmallow baby!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

~blue fabric
~white fabric
~ red ribbon (optional)
~ white ribbon (optional)
~white baby onesie
~tule 3/4 yard
~white puffy paint
~sewing needle/sewing machine

Step 2: Tutu

Cut 4 circles out of tule and cut 1 circle of white fabric. Cut a small circle in the middle. Then take you sewing needle and thread it through the middle circle and gather along the way to make little ruffles (make sure you measure around your baby) tie and cut thread.

Do that to the tule and the fabric then sew the two Pieces together. Cut and add Velcro for easy dressing.

Step 3: Blue Collar

Cut out a rectangle and a smaller one in the middle (for the head) sew the ends

Step 4: White

You can use ribbon for this or a piece of white fabric. Once you found what you are going to use sew it along the edges

Step 5: Ribbon

Like I said you can use fabric or ribbon for this part (I used fabric)

Tie a knot using a scissor (to hold) and then sew your knot onto your blue collar

Step 6: Hat

The marshmallow hat is like a bakers hat so to get the puffy look cut out a big circle of white fabric and sew the ends and pull thread to gather the fabric. Sew a blue strip of fabric to the puffy top.

Use puffy paint to write the stay puft

Step 7: Done!!

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable.

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Thank you that's my new little baby sister modeling.

Awww this is adorable