One of the coldest things on your body during the winter is no doubt, your hands. So what do you do? You go inside and drink some hot chocolate by the fireplace! But, what of there is no fireplace, you're out camping or maybe just too lazy to go inside? For that reason, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce to you, the mini alcohol stove fireplace thingy that's super warm! Ehh, that doesn't work too well, let's just call it The Warminator!

This uses fire, and fire is dangerous so don't put you hands too close. Also, try not to cut yourself on the aluminum. Play safe, kids. I am not responsible for anything.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

First off, this project is going to be hard, so relax a bit have a green tea or two. (No, seriously you need it for the stove, preferably a tall one)
Screw Driver (Phillips)
Xacto Knife

Two Tall Aluminum Cans
Cotton Balls

A girlfriend keeps me warm, but I still have to feed her alcohol. :)
Cool... I like my penny stove, though. :-)
kool , and you can use to toast marsmellows too ! but I usually just drink alcohol to stay warm and fuzzy !

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